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My name is Fred Nickols.  I am a knowledge worker, a writer and consultant. 

I help my clients think through and get clear about the issues confronting them.  I help them figure out solutions to those issues. which typically concern the performance of people, processes or the organization itself.  Those issues often have significant financial costs. The solutions typically involve training, job aids, workflow changes, process modifications, information technology, restructuring, and cultural/organizational change. 

I work via telephone, internet, Skype and other means of connecting.  I also work on-site when the work requires it.  However, for the most part, I provide "Assistance at A DistanceSM."  

The Articles link on the left takes you to a listing of the categories into which are sorted the more than 200 articles, papers and book chapters I have written and that are available on this site at no cost. Other links take you to sections of this site with a specific focus (e.g., the monthly Knowledge Workers Column I write for ISPI, the GAP-ACT Model and Solution Engineering).

The Tool Room link takes you to the award-winning Knowledge Workers' Tool Room where you will find more than 50 tools of use to knowledge workers, especially OD practitioners, trainers and other change agents and performance improvement specialists.

You can use the search box above to search for something in particular.  If you have any questions, feel free to use the link below to send them to me.

The yellow dots on the world map above indicate places where I have provided or am currently providing "Assistance at A DistanceSM." The red dot indicates my location in Ohio. 

 I served 20 years in the United States Navy, retiring as a decorated Chief Petty Officer.  I recently published a book of "Sea Stories" based on my Navy experiences.  They are stories about leadership, motivation, morale, management, performance and more.  Clicking on the cover image immediately below will take you to all my books on Amazon.

Sea Stories: Tales about Leadership, Morale and More


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This page last updated on December 20, 2017