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My Consulting Code of Conduct:  Nine Principles

©  Fred Nickols 2012


In the course of conducting my consulting practice, I will abide by the following principles:

  1. Place my clients’ goals and objectives at the forefront of my thinking and work with them and their designees in a cooperative, collaborative mode to clarify and achieve those goals and objectives as effectively, as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

  2. Not knowingly do any harm to my clients, their organizations, their operations and processes, their customers or suppliers, their employees, the communities in which those organizations are embedded or the larger society.

  3. Respect my clients’ values and their organizations’ cultures and not attempt to impose my values or views upon them.

  4. Strive to ensure that the value to my clients of any contributions I make significantly outweighs the cost to my clients of any inducements they provide me.

  5. Continuously expand my knowledge base and improve my practice.

  6. Add to advance the knowledge base and practices of my colleagues and associates.

  7. Share my knowledge and expertise with those who express an interest in it.

  8. Maintain strict confidentiality at all times with everyone.

  9. Do nothing immoral or illegal.


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